University of Dundee Singapore Society (DUSG) | Summer Update
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Summer Update

Hi everyone! How’s summer going? 🙂 Our team has been gearing up to roll out all the exciting initiatives we have planned for the society- here’s the first scoop!

For 2017/18, our vision is to take the society to even greater heights and to cement Singsoc as a place we can truly feel at home with.
Apart from organising events for everyone to enjoy, we’ll also be introducing initiatives targetted at building internal support.
Here are just a few things to look forward to:

– Welcome dinner
– Buddy/Family system
– Notes sharing
– Smaller dinners to really get to know each other better

I am also glad to introduce our newly launched website- The website is amongst one of the first things we are pushing out this year, together with the move to an online payment system. Tickets will all be bought here now so we no longer need to worry about going to DUSA at the right time or having the right amount of change at the door!

I shan’t ruin too much of the surprise just yet, but the two main events to come whilst we are basking in Singapore’s warmth (ha ha) are a Welcome Dinner and the annual Orientation Camp. The dinner is held in conjunction with Glasgow, and 4 other Scottish Unis have come on board to join our camp this year- both are perfect opportunities to meet new people and make new friends! 🙂
Sign ups for the new buddy system will also be released soon for interested parties, so do keep your eyes peeled. If you’re in town, the dinner will be a fantastic opportunity to meet your first year buddies!

Hope to see you guys there and enjoy the rest of your summer 🙂

Cheers xx
on behalf of Exco 2017/2018