University of Dundee Singapore Society (DUSG) | Executive Committee For 2017
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Executive Committee For 2017

Hi everyone, it is my pleasure to be your new president for 2017/18. After a rigorous selection process, I am delighted to announce the Exco for the coming year:

Vice President: Mohana Sundaram
Secretary: Regina Chen
Treasurer: Javious Lim
External Relations Officer: Navin Kumar Subramanian
Events Officer: Tor Thanapon
Head of Logistics and Resources: Gene Lim
Director of Public Engagement: Laura Tan
Quartermaster: Nitya Kapur

With Justin Chiu and Brian Chan as our main advisors.

We have a plethora of initiatives and events planned for our term ahead- hope you are all as excited as we are In the meantime, all the best with your remaining exams and have a fantastic summer. Cheers and here’s to a spectacular year ahead for DUSG!

Callista Lim